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Foundry scrap


Foundry Steel Scrap

Old metal scrap:

I/1 old metal scrap, at least 6 mm diagonal lengths a) max. 40 cm, b) max. 150 cm

III/8 railway track scrap such as tie plates, screws, nails, base plates, ribbed base plates, clamping plates, tongue and switching pieces, rocker rail pieces, grooved rail pieces, light rail and mine rail pieces, mine supporting sections (arch pieces), chain scrap.
JV/9 railway rail pieces

New metal scrap:

/1.1 steel chips
ll/1 new scrap min. 3 mm, provide not included in II/2- 7
II/2 forge scrap (dies, flash scrap), heavy slugs up to approx. 30 cm, flanges larger than 5 mm, drawing ends, billet ends
II/3 heavy plate cutoffs larger than 5 mm, heavy section cutoffs, iron rod cutoffs

II/4 cutting scrap: wide band trimming scrap, deep-drawing punch waste, light slug scrap
lll5 deep-drawing sheet packets 40 x 40 x 60 cm
II/6 deep-drawing sheet packets 30 x 30 x 30 cm
II/7 small scrap including rivets, pins, bolts, screws, nuts, and so on


Cast Iron Scrap

Jobbing casting

cut down to manageable sizes, especially clean, thick-walled cast iron pipe scrap, construction cast iron scrap, thin-walled scrap from farm machinery, cover plates, sewage pipe parts, and unburnt furnace parts, etc.

Machine casting

no less than 10 mm thick, cut down to manageable sizes, especially thick-walled pieces from machine tools, milling tools, turning machines, other machines & motors, packing pieces, rail car axle boxes (free of oil, grease, or other residues), etc.

Spheroidal casting

cast iron scrap featuring nodular graphite and components that are used as uncut material or material that is cut down to manageable sizes (piece weight up to 40 kg).

This category includes cast iron pipes, for example.

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