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Company History

Scholz Rohstoffhandel GmbH has been around for quite some time. Allow us to give you a rough overview of the company's highlights by looking at some of our important milestones.

1951: VOEST founds the SAGRO company (Salzburger Grosshandel)

1968: SAGRO purchases a scrap storage yard in Linz

1972: founding of Austria's first shredding operation in Laxenburg

1977: the fusion of SAGRO, "Erzhütte", and "Roth & Co" produces "voestalpine Rohstoffhandel"
Creation of the Schrott-Waltner subsidiary in Graz

1983: first international exports

1995: purchase of the "Gebeshuber GmbH" iron merchant in Steyr and its subsidiary "srot Gebeshuber s.r.o." in the
Czech Republic

1996: fusion of "voestalpine Rohstoffhandel GmbH" with "Ferrometall"
This provides an additional storage yard at Vienna-Simmering

2006: cooperation with the German company "Scholz AG", which produces "Scholz Rohstoffhandel GmbH"

2011: start of the new marketing campaign "Die Altmetallprofis" (The Scrap Metal Professionals)

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