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Aluminium alloys

The group of aluminium alloys includes those aluminium construction materials relevant to practical applications. These materials result from other metals, mainly manganese, magnesium, copper, silicon, nickel, and zinc.

This product category includes motor parts, wheel rims, and moulds.

Pure aluminium

Due to the thin layer of oxidization that forms very quickly when in contact with air, the pure light metal aluminium possesses a silver grey appearance.

This product category includes uncoated profiles.

FE alloys

Chromed steel

This product includes washing basins and washing machine drums.

V2A & V4A

"Stainless steel" is the conventional expression for rust and acid-resistant steel.
Due to the easily malleable nature of stainless steel sheets, parts consisting of this metal are used more and more frequently for industrial applications, home applications, and in medical devices.



Cuprous salts are mainly blue or green. As a semi-precious metal, copper displays similar properties as other elements in this group such as silver and gold.

Copper is used for coins, power cables, jewellery, cutlery, fixtures, boilers, precision parts, artistic objects, musical instruments, pipe lines, and much more.
Chemically pure copper is suitable for electrical cables, circuits and components, and heat sinks due to its extremely good electrical and thermal properties.

This product category includes new wire.

Mixed copper

This includes old sheets & water pipes, for example.

CU alloys

There are many famous copper alloys included among different types of brass, all of which include various quantities of zinc and produce a broad palette of colours and a typically golden finish. Bronze is very famous, which is an alloy consisting of copper and tin.

This category includes fixtures and bearings.

Other metals


Lead is a heavy metal that is easy to form and that may be cast into any kind of shape.

This category includes drainage pipes and earth wire coatings.


This bluish-white metal is used for galvanizing iron and steel parts and for rain gutters, among other things.

This category includes zinc sheets and gutters.


Tin is a glittering, silver-white heavy metal that is able to be scratched with your finger nails. It features a low melting point and a relatively high boiling temperature.

This product category includes soldering tin and alloy additions.

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