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The Scrap Metal Professionals offer services including dismantling, recycling, and logistics.

Used car recycling:

We dismantle tires, glass, fuel, operating fluids, carburetors, and lead accumulators. Following this, the vehicles are reduced to smaller pieces in the shredding system, which makes the separation process easier. The shredder is powered by a 2,000 horsepower motor. During the next step, the separation process, we are able to utilise (nearly) everything!
Of course, the scrap metal in the used car is also separated accordingly. The non-ferrous metal pieces are freed from magnetic pieces and garbage beforehand in order to make them able to be utilised as raw materials again after preparation. Other materials such as plastic are sorted in the shredding system, during the separation process, and during an external preparation process.



This includes work like industrial demolitions, dismantling of heating systems, rail car demolition, dismantling of iron and steel structures, and so on.
To receive more information about the process involved with dismantling of this kind, please don't hesitate to
contact us. See here.



Services in this area include material pickup, transportation, container rentals, and much more.

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